BXRC Center

Biomolecular X-Ray Crystallography Center


CO2 incubabor, Laminar Flow Green House Lab Walk-in Cold Room
3D Computer Lab bacterial culture room Incubator
CCD detector 4-cycle Diffractometer Perfusion Chromotography System
ÄKTA chromatography perfusion chromatography system Columns of different principles
Old FPLC system Cold Box for protein purification Liquid Nitrogen Generator
wet lab Dr. Youn (2005) X-ray generation and detection
X-ray generation & detection Old X-ray teaching lab Multi-angle Laser Scatter/Refractormeter

New Facility

New FRE generator and dual wavelength system
New R-axis detector along with dual wavelength system
New Phoenix robotic platesetter and the new Minstrel and Gallery imaging system
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